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Being happy where you are today, over wishing for the finish line, is a new kind of flex

I spent far too much of my young adult life waiting, hoping, wishing…

To be in a different job, a different relationship, location, state of mind, place in my career…

Here's what I've learned so far in my 33 years: Finding a way to happy where you are right now, doesn't take you farther away from the goal.

We often look back and reminisce. We look through the lens of nostalgia at golden-year-memories of youth. But did we pause to enjoy those moments as they were occurring?

Or were we too busy, hoping, waiting and wishing the days away?

Until the weekend, until happy hour, until we’d meet someone, until vacation, until the holidays, until we got the promotion or the wedding or the kid...

  • Were we waiting to put pictures on the walls of this apartment because ‘we’ll just wait until we get the dream house’?

  • Did we stop trying to find ways to be happy and single, because we were too focused on dating our way through the city until we found “the one” who would be perfect in every way?

  • Did we wish away the days until 6:00 pm and the weeks until Friday, instead of finding a career that fulfills us and taking action to get there, today?

Just getting through. Just getting by. Until. Until. Until.

For the first time, I am appreciating the past, as much as I am enjoying the present as much as I’m looking forward to the future.

That’s not to say that everything is perfect. I still have a corporate job that I hate in addition to the coaching business that I love. But I took action years ago, to move into this career that fulfills me and lights me up - and that's health coaching.

And although it is still not quite robust enough to be my full time income driver, I’m not waiting around for luck to find me. I’m taking action, I’m in the action. I’m doing this job and growing this business so that I can feel fulfilled today. Right now.

The finish line will always move. As soon as it’s within reach, it will inevitably move another 200 yards out. We get the dream job, and then we set our eyes on a promotion. We find ourselves in a healthy relationship and we want the marriage. We get the marriage and we want the kids and the dog and the picket fence. We get the dream house and then we want a bigger one.

And all of that is okay. We can strive to always improve ourselves and our lives. New goals are important and necessary!

But what we shouldn't let those new goals do, is keep us from enjoying the ones we’ve already achieved, today.

What we shouldn’t let those new goals do, is sit there, 200 yards away waiting for us to take action while we wait for the universe to do it for us.

Take the scary steps today. Even if they don’t get you exactly where you thought you’d be, the one thing you can guarantee is that you’ll be in a different spot than you are right now. And the one thing that will never get you 200 yards closer to the finish line is keeping your feet planted right where they are.

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