• I used to be unhappy with my body no matter what it looked like.

  • I was working out consistently but not seeing results because my workouts were not - turns out - aligned with my goals!

  • I've weighed less and more than I do today, but I never felt confident in my body because...it was never. about. the number on the scale. 



  • I'm at my healthiest weight.

  • I'm finally confident in my body, and stay that way through any fluctuations in weight.

  • I'm set up with the right tools so stressful moments don't derail my productivity.

  • My workouts are shorter, efficient and effective and I have seen the exact results I've always wanted.



I've spent YEARS making mistakes, learning from them, educating myself through courses and certifications, reading all the books and listening to all the experts...

I've done all this so that YOU don't have to waste time making those same mistakes. 

Instead, I will coach you through a life-changing transformation so that:

You achieve and maintain your healthiest weight.

Meals and workouts are no longer a chore filled with dread and punishment.

You feel energized, grateful and happy to start each day. 

You finally move past the stress and overwhelm into calm and focused days. 

You are the only one who gets to decide what your priorities are, and you have the power to change your health for the better. It is vital that you do so. Let’s do this together. 

For private coaching: Click the button below to schedule your consultation. Private coaching is paid monthly, we meet weekly via Zoom, you get modules with pdfs and recordings, assignments, recipes, workout plans, and more. I will answer all questions during the consultation call. 

For a less hands-on option, I have an 8-12 week course that includes modules with pdfs and recordings, assignments, recipes, workout plans, plus live coaching sessions with me. Click the button below to learn more and to purchase.