Most experiences we have in the health care industry are rushed, impersonal, and focused on prescribing a pill or recommending surgery to fix symptoms of a disease or health condition. Sometimes they help. Sometimes they cause other issues. And what happens if we stop taking the pills? The symptoms come right back. 


 These are band-aid, short-term solutions. Holistic, functional health care instead focuses on the individual - their complete environment, and what they are putting in, on and around their body. As a health coach, I am here to truly listen to what is going on with YOU. I am here to dig beyond the surface of symptoms and help you uncover the causes, so we can get you well. 

Instead of trying to fix the dying flower by taping the leaves back on, we nourish the soil, heal the roots, and cleanse the air around it.


Most of us know we should eat healthily, get more sleep, be less stressed, stay active and spend more time with the people we care about. So why aren't we all perfectly happy and healthy?

Lack of knowledge is not the problem.


The problem is we don't have time to sift through all the conflicting information out there (...first fats were bad, then carbs were, now neither is...but maybe I should be intermittently fasting, or is breakfast the most important meal of the day?? SOS).


The problem is that behavior change is HARD. We are constantly told that it's just about willpower. Push through the pain. But that's not the answer. We take a slow and sustainable approach to creating healthy habits that LAST. This is not a quick fix. I will help you achieve sustainable health. 


As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I work with each client on an individualized plan that is built for you.  I help you implement gradual changes that accumulate to create new habits. Those habits become lasting lifestyle changes.

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