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You know how to work out. You know how to eat healthy. There are thousands of workout programs you can choose from on the internet. There are apps, classes, home gyms, and tons of other innovative options. 

So why haven't you started? It's not because you lack desire or motivation. You may even be longing for the opportunity to get into a gym. 

You're not doing it because you don't need to know "what" you need to know "how" and "when"?!

How are you supposed to go to a gym when you exclusively breastfed new baby won't take a bottle, so you can't leave for more than an hour and a half? 

When are you supposed to do even a 35 minute home workout in an app when you are home alone with your baby who only takes contact naps?

Or when every time you seem to get a few minutes and start the workout, your sweet babe wakes up from their nap. 

Or when your partner is home and with your little one, they seem to only want you in that moment. 

Dang, do I get it. I had a contact napper, a cat napper, attached to mom, refused a bottle, exclusively breastfed for the first several months (and 95% BF until about a year). I have been a SAHM, I have worked full time, I have worked part time. I've had periods with help from family, and periods with no help at all. 


I empathize because I was in your shoes. Every situation is different, but as a mom myself, a health coach, a trainer, a pre- and postnatal fitness coach, and someone who has worked for herself and for corporations, I KNOW my framework for getting a bit of structure back in your days, getting your workouts done and feeling productive and accomplished at the end of the day will help you feel like YOU again. 


This isn't about "bouncing back". We are not using that silly term. There is no need to return to a body that hasn't experienced the incredible things yours has. There is no need to feel anything but absolutely radiating confidence in all that your mind and body have done. You are super human. And I want you to feel that in your core. 

We will have an initial call, and check ins via zoom, voxer chat or both (Depending on the level of coaching you choose). You will have worksheets, planners and guides that are up to you to use IF you want. We will put together your fitness plan and make sure you are confident in which exercises are safe, as well as those that need to be modified in the early stages. We'll strengthen your core and pelvic floor. 

There are several ways we can work together...

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