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2020 Health Holidays Giveaway - Free Until Cyber Monday!

Holiday Giveaway.png

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, I'm offering a comprehensive gift guide that includes products that are not just healthy for you, your family and your home, but the environment as well...PLUS a consultation to begin optimizing your home for health. Both can be yours, completely free. I know, right?

What's Included?

Let the expertise of a health coach guide your shopping this year so you can give them what they want.

1) A 15 Minute Healthify Consultation - We'll walk through a room of your choice and identify:

  • Healthy, non-toxic, eco-friendly swaps you can make​

  • Ways to rid the air of toxins

  • Tips for creating your most productive environment​

 2) My New Healthy Gift Guide That Includes:

  • Holiday gift ideas for your loved ones (or hey, treat yourself)

  • Healthy, non-toxic and eco-friendly items that I personally use (or have on my own list this year!)

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