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How it works​

  • 30-60 minute virtual consultation, depending on number of rooms

  • I walk you through changes you can make today to optimize health and harmony throughout all rooms in your home

  • Optimize health, reduce waste and toxic chemicals, swap pantry and fridge staples for healthy alternatives, rearrange furniture to promote creativity, engagement, relaxation or productivity

What we do

  • Organize and de-clutter

  • Purify and replace

  • Create productive spaces that promote healthy habits and reduce unhealthy habits

Why we do it

  • So that you can stop feeling  anxious and overwhelmed with 'stuff' 

  • Stop worrying about which cleaning and personal care products are causing harm to you and your family

  • Stop the confusion over which foods to eat and which to toss

  • And start feeling calm and at ease in your home

  • Confidently clean your home and yourself with products that support your health and the health of the environment

  • Nourish your body and your family with foods you can feel good about

I'll take you step by step through this process, auditing each room and giving you actionable steps you can take throughout your home for immediate results. 

Click the button below, simply type the words "Healthy Home Haul Info" in the email, and hit send! I'll follow up to schedule the consultation. 

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