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Functional Health, Fitness, & Emotional Support For New Moms

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Overwhelmed. Exhausted. A Sense of loss of autonomy. A desire to support your own mental and physical health, but no time or autonomy to do it. 


There's so much joy in becoming a mother, but there is also a huge challenge, a mental shift and a complete adjustment to routines. We all know we don't have our "villages" in the way we were meant to. Many trainers and coaches talk about this lack of...


But few have real suggestions of how to create our own villages in today's culture. But there are ways.


Postpartum support is a critical need that should be accessible to every mother.


As a postpartum health and fitness coach, I support new moms in identifying their aspirational vision and the steps needed to reach it. Then we implement the plan using behavior change concepts backed in science. But the kicker? I also support you in your postpartum journey of healing and bonding with your baby, so that you have the space to actually do it

Ever heard of a postpartum doula? Combine that with a virtual trainer and health coach've got me. Gia. Your new "village support gal" ;).


I'll support you through your healing with holistic tools and recommendations to talk through with your doctor. I'll guide you in your fitness and health goals when you're ready. I'll help you with the how and when. If you are local, there are options for in-person visits and additional in-home support.


In the end, my goal is always to help you no longer feel isolated and overwhelmed, but to feel supported, guided and cared for. You'll be confident in your plan and have help from me each step of the way. 

And who am I?


I'm a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and  Pre- and Postnatal Fitness coach. I'm also a mom of a sweet little toddler who does. not. sleep. So, trust me when I say that I get it. 

If you are feeling physically ready to get back into a movement routine to feel strong and confident in your body again...

If you desire holistic support and recommendations to aid in healing...


But, you don't want to create injuries or slow healing by jumping in without a trained professional...


And you can't leave the house for long periods because your sweet little babe only wants mom most of the time...


Or you simply feel it's impossible to find the time or space to create routines for yourself...

And bottom line, you need support, an empathetic ear, a freakin' hug, and professional guidance with all of the above...


I'm your gal. I was there. I know how incredibly difficult it is. I know how lonely it feels. I know the frustration of losing autonomy and feeling like you might start to lose yourself. 


But you won't. You can be the best, most present mom that you already are, AND feel supported, strong and confident again. You can get back to eating healthy and moving your body intentionally, in the midst of motherhood...and even feel productive and content at the end of your days. 

If you're ready for support, I'd love to hear from you. 

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Gia was so supportive and easy to work with! I reached my initial weight loss goals with her program and through it, I uncovered some deeper goals beyond just weight loss. Excited to continue working with Gia and have her continue to hold me accountable - no excuses squeak by with this one! ;)

-Lindsay, New York

Loving Gia's workout program!! I can do it at my gym or modified at home with some simple equipment I have. Don't have to think about what to do every day, and I'm already feeling stronger vs just doing cardio and classes. Thanks G!

- Kristin, New York


I used to always be the fit person with a high metabolism who never gained weight. After I had my daughter (now 2) my body never really bounced back the way I had hoped. I was eating unhealthily , grabbed food on the go, and was gaining unwanted weight that I couldn’t shake. I didn’t have the motivation or the willpower to change my diet and workout in my own. I wanted to change my lifestyle instead of jump on the bandwagon for a binge 30 diet that didn’t stick. G has taught me about nutrition, outside factors that may be A contribution to unhealthy habits (stress, sleep, etc) and helped me create a healthy lifestyle. My eating habits have done 180 and I am becoming more fit as she challenges me to set new goals For myself Each week. I would highly recommend taking the jump and investing in yourself to create a balanced healthy lifestyle for many years to come .

-Kristen M, New Jersey

I love working with Gia, she is extremely knowledgeable and has been such a great coach and inspiration throughout this process. I've been working with her for a few weeks now and have lost 15.4 lbs since starting. I feel amazing, have been eating healthy, working out 5 days a week and have a ton of energy! The food she recommends are delicious and her workouts are great. She really holds you accountable and makes sure you are on track and focused. Gia makes this a long term lifestyle change and not just a quick fix. She truly cares about each and every one of her clients! I highly recommend working with her, not only will you feel better but you'll love the results! 

- Katelyn, New Jersey


Within 4 weeks Gia has provided me with amazing guidance and support in efforts to obtain my health and lifestyle goals.  By following her recommendations I'm already feeling, less anxious, more focused, leaner, stronger, and overall happier and healthier. I highly recommend her! She is not only knowledgeable but she is approachable and attentive. 

-Jess, New York

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